Yes, hats. I wear lots of em, I'm sure you do too!

Most days I'm wearing a web developer hat, doing my best to design and build interactive applications that are simple to use. I'm fascinated by the way people relate to computers - any machine for that matter. My tool belt includes C#, HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Knockout, NHibernate, Mercurial, and some PHP and Rails.... you can find out more about my web developer hat at LinkedIn.

I also enjoy wearing my photographer's hat - I'm always looking for opportunities to wear it more often! I enjoy telling visual stories through an editorial style of photography - realistic, well lit, timeless photos. I'm learning, exploring, sharpening. Since the best camera is the one you have with you I sold off my big working camera and now tote the small but amazing Fuji X-E1 everywhere I go. 

I live just outside of Salem, Oregon, with my wife,  three kids, two busy beagles and an old cat. Yes, the family hat - the most important of all! We have a good time together, my son likes to program and my daughter enjoys taking pictures, so I must be doing something right. 

This website is mostly a way to share my journey in photography. You can also follow along at the Adriel Henderson Photography Facebook page, or browse my selection of matted prints at the Busy Beagle Pictures Etsy Store. Thanks for stopping by! 

Adriel Henderson
(503) 400-7220.


Are you looking for portraits, or have some editorial work, or even just need a photo assistant? If you like the work that you see here, drop me an email, let's talk! Live in the area and want to learn together? Let's connect up.