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Where Did All The Pictures Go?

I hope these winds bring me back to the original intentions of this blog... Get out. Adventure. Capture the beautiful moments. Tune photography skills. Inspire others.

McKenzie River Ride

Sunday afternoon I rode up through the Willamette National Forest on the Honda NC-700X along with my Fuji X-E1. This time I strapped a tripod tube onto the bike, something I wished I had along for my Highway 101 ride a few weeks ago. 

DIY Motorcycle Garage Door Remote

There's just something powerful about flashing your high beams as you ride up to your home and watching the garage door rise on command, especially on a cold miserable night! And, it's a pretty simple and inexpensive DIY project - I've done it for each of the motorcycles I have owned. 


This was my first bike and I thoroughly enjoyed getting comfortable with my first year of motorcycling on this beautiful classic.