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Where Did All The Pictures Go?

I hope these winds bring me back to the original intentions of this blog... Get out. Adventure. Capture the beautiful moments. Tune photography skills. Inspire others.

The Great American Road Trip

Three weeks jaunting around the American Southwest in our little motorhome, with the challenge of capturing our trip through the fixed 23mm focal length of Fuji's X100t.  

Summer Life

Honestly, I haven't pulled the little Fuji X out as much as I should. My excuse? Partly the heat, mostly the endless list of projects that seem to accompany summer.

Out and About

We've enjoyed a few weekend getaways to some fantastic Oregon State Parks over the last few months.

My Teen Son - Lifestyle Portrait

My son David is a junior in High School this year.... already! I wanted to capture what he enjoys - he's a Linux junkie and quite a server geek. In fact, he just wrapped up a short internship at IBM this summer. He's a smart kid and It's rare that an LCD of some sort isn't bathing his face in hard blue light.

Weekend on Detroit Lake

I took my girls out for a boat-camping weekend on Detroit Lake. Couldn't beat the warm temperatures, perfect swimming weather, and our well-protected anchorage.  

Available Light

Impromptu meant no reflector or strobe. Mid-day light meant looking for "window light" in the shade of the shelter or nearby trees.  Abigail is a bit camera shy so it's tough to get her natural personality, but she does have amazing sharp eyes that really pop.

Sunday Night Light

Some shots of my girls, captured during our evening walk this last Sunday night. We're having absolutely amazing early summer weather here in Oregon, and enjoying it all!   

Ice Cream Sunset

On warm evenings the kids and I enjoy riding our bikes to Keizer's Staats Lake, grabbing some ice cream bars from the 7/11 across the street, and watching the migrating birds play.

My Kids... Future Coders

This is what it looks like when my oldest, David, takes time to teach his sister, Abigail, how to create programs in Java. As a developer myself this is fun to see! 

Miriam's Photography

I was on a walk with Miriam last week, she had the family point-and-shoot with her and stopped along the trail and took this shot on her own, great framing! 

Skipping Stones

Last night was one of those magical warm spring evenings! Miriam and I spent a few hours at Keizer Rapid Park, hiking, skipping stones into the Willamette River, and looking for photos. Mim is my little muse! 

Friday Night Walk

After dinner this last Friday we drove downtown and took a walk, looking for some good shots. Abigail and I both captured a number of keepers. 

Detroit Lake in Snow

A few weeks back my bride and I took a day off to hike around the lovely Detroit Lake. Here's a view from the snowy Kinney Creek area...

Central Oregon Getaway

A few weeks back I took a quick trip into central Oregon with my lovely wife Christina. It was a great little getaway to take in some beautiful country.