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Small Craft Advisory

Certainly the most incredible hike I have had on the Oregon Coast. I had stumbled onto something magnificent, with 30 foot seas breaking against one hundred foot cliffs, driven on by highway speed winds. 

The Great American Road Trip

Three weeks jaunting around the American Southwest in our little motorhome, with the challenge of capturing our trip through the fixed 23mm focal length of Fuji's X100t.  

About that Black and White

There was always something missing in my black and white photos. But here, in this set, something comes alive. After so many years poking at photography, this set suddenly clicked for me. 

Summer Life

Honestly, I haven't pulled the little Fuji X out as much as I should. My excuse? Partly the heat, mostly the endless list of projects that seem to accompany summer.

Careful What You Wish For

As they say, careful what you wish for! Right? I signed off my previous post wishing for another low key wedding to sharpen my skills. Just a few months later, here I am wrapping up my second wedding shoot. So, how did this one go? Certainly not low key, but wow, what an experience!

Out and About

We've enjoyed a few weekend getaways to some fantastic Oregon State Parks over the last few months.

Fuji's Silky Sixty

While the world of FujiFilm is a buzz about the 56mm f/1.2, I decided to pick up a used copy of it's older cousin, Fuji's silky 60mm f/2.4.

Our First Wedding - Me and My ‘X’

Recently a friend asked if I would photograph their casual at-home wedding, with complete understanding that this was my first go at such an event. I said yes, and dove in over my head! 

Random Lens

Spring has been busy, but I have my Starbucks Chai in hand now. Let's catch up a bit!

One Year With The Fujifilm X-E1

I needed to step back to taking photos that I loved, for myself. To slow down and enjoy the learning experience. That meant a smaller and less "professional" setup that I could more easily tote anywhere. That decision has turned out to be pure gold. 

Documentary style with Fuji X

Last month I took a quick photography trip to our manufacturing facility in Tecate, Mexico. The trip was quick and stuffed to the brim - we were managing both video production and photography and had less than two full days onsite. 

A Dabble in Commercial Shooting with My X-E1

Recently I did get to haul my weekend hobby into my day job! I was asked to capture some commercial style photographs of our Portland operation. A nice challenge and a great opportunity to try a different styles of shooting that I'm very interested in.

A Newborn Experience

This was an entirely new experience for me, a newborn baby shoot!

Fuji X Lenses - Zeiss Touit 12mm f/2.8

This weekend I lucked out with a rare Oregon sunset and am absolutely amazed by the perspective the Zeiss 12mm brings to clouds and landscapes! I wish this lens was in my permanent collection, I would be pulling it out for nearly every scenic and weather related shot I came across. 

Fuji X Portrait Lenses - 60mm f/2.4, 35mm f/1.4, and 18-55mm zoom

I was quite excited about renting the Fuji 60mm f/2.4 prime. Being a prime promises excellent image quality, with a little longer focal length than my 18-55mm zoom, and a few stops of extra aperture - this should be an excellent portrait lens. So, let's have a look...

A Little Black Book by Artisan State

I've been waiting for a reason to try out a Little Black Book from Artisan State and I'm quite happy with the result. This is my review of this unique photo book offering.

My Teen Son - Lifestyle Portrait

My son David is a junior in High School this year.... already! I wanted to capture what he enjoys - he's a Linux junkie and quite a server geek. In fact, he just wrapped up a short internship at IBM this summer. He's a smart kid and It's rare that an LCD of some sort isn't bathing his face in hard blue light.

McKenzie River Ride

Sunday afternoon I rode up through the Willamette National Forest on the Honda NC-700X along with my Fuji X-E1. This time I strapped a tripod tube onto the bike, something I wished I had along for my Highway 101 ride a few weeks ago. 

Pure RAW Power - Fuji X

Just as many photogs have acclaimed, I find the out-of-camera JPGs from the Fuji X-E1 are amazing. But... even with the Fuji X system, there are still those times when the RAW comes in handy. Especially when I really need to push, ahem, salvage, things. 

Weekend on Detroit Lake

I took my girls out for a boat-camping weekend on Detroit Lake. Couldn't beat the warm temperatures, perfect swimming weather, and our well-protected anchorage.